Sweden is a diverse country with a diverse range of activities to match. There is a tempting selection of breaks on offer in Sweden for summer adventure holidays including some fantastic Swedish luxury summer cruises where you can sail along the man-made Göta Canal that connects Stockholm in the East and Gothenburg in the West via a series of lakes, rivers, canals and locks, calling at some fascinating places en route. In addition to this there is also a unique and exciting opportunity to spend your Sweden summer adventure holiday in a genuine tree house at the Harads Treehotel. Sweden is bursting with rolling countryside, grassy meadows, mountains, and glaciers, enormous expanses of forests and shimmering lakes, all of which lend themselves to an array of activities. For thrill seekers some of the highlights include kayaking and mountain biking or if you prefer to take things at a steadier pace, why not take a leisurely hike or a horse trek and really absorb the beautiful and peaceful surroundings. There is also some fantastic fishing for anglers of all abilities in the unpolluted rivers and lakes that can be enjoyed on Sweden summer adventure holidays.


Sweden: Three Baltic Capitals Cruise
Sweden: Three Baltic Capitals Cruise - 6 days

Uncover hidden jewels of the Baltic

This six day tour takes you on a remarkable journey to three of Europe’s most colourful and fascinating cities. On the Baltic capitals cruise you will visit ...

Sweden: Stockholm to Gothenburg Cruise
Sweden: Stockholm to Gothenburg Cruise - 6 days

The definitive cruise for rest and relaxation.

For those who have never been to Sweden before, this holiday gives you the chance to see a great deal of the country in one remarkable holiday. Arguably the ...

Sweden: Harads Treehotel
Sweden: Harads Treehotel - 4 days

Be at one with nature

Harads is a small town that lies south of the Arctic Circle and has become home to this pioneering hotel. Set amongst tranquil lakes, boreal forest and stunning ...

Sweden: The Great Swedish Cruise
Sweden: The Great Swedish Cruise - 8 days

The most leisurely way to see Sweden.

Spend a relaxing summer holiday cruising across the breadth of Sweden, sailing along the famous Göta Canal from coast to coast. Experience a journey of complete ...

Sweden: From Coast to Coast
Sweden: From Coast to Coast - 6 days

Travel in style aboard these opulent ships.

These stylish and tastefully decorated ships sail back and forth across the breadth of Sweden between Gothenburg in the west and Stockholm in the east. You will ...

Sweden: Gota Canal Cruise
Sweden: Gota Canal Cruise - 8 days

Travel in style and discover hidden gems

Sweden really is the jewel of Scandinavia with its lush rolling countryside and vast areas of forest interspersed with idyllic rural villages and immaculate ...

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The magical Harads Treehotel is situated in a forest in the far north of the country, just below the Arctic Circle and is perfect for summer activity holidays in Sweden. Not only will you get the chance to fulfil a childhood dream of living in a tree house, you will also get the opportunity to try out some of their exciting activities that are on offer, accompanied by expert guides. This area is covered with thick boreal forest and is home to some fascinating wildlife such as moose, wolverines, lynxes, musk ox and brown bears. Guided nature treks will bring you one step closer to seeing these incredible animals in their natural habitat. In addition to this, a Sweden summer adventure holiday at the Treehotel may mean that you get to experience the surreal phenomenon of the Midnight Sun where due to your northerly position, the sun barely dips below the horizon before rising again.