Mediterranean sailing adventure holidays

The Mediterranean plays host to some of the most diverse, culturally rich and picturesque countries in the world. This magnificent body of water is a voyager’s paradise, separating three remarkable continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. A Mediterranean sailing adventure is a wonderful way to explore many of the fascinating countries that envelop the sun-spangled shores. Soft warm sands lure travellers to exotic destinations to explore the ancient civilisations that hide amongst majestic mountains. From the mystical lands of Turkey to the ambient coastline of Greece, yachting on the Mediterranean is an idyllic way to visit an array of captivating countries.


Mediterranean: Star Clipper : Seven Nights Northern Cyclades
Mediterranean: Star Clipper : Seven Nights Northern Cyclades - 8 days

Sail the Aegean Sea the traditional way

Embark on an island-hopping adventure on board the wonderful Star Clipper which offers holidaymakers the chance to try a Northern Cyclades cruise. This tall ...

Mediterranean: Star Clipper : Seven Night Southern Cyclades
Mediterranean: Star Clipper : Seven Night Southern Cyclades - 8 days

An island-hopping sailing adventure in the Aegean

Gleaming secluded beaches, ancient civilisations and historical relics define the islands that lie within the sparkling Aegean Sea. Encounter a handful of them ...

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Not only do the deep Mediterranean waters lap against mysterious coves that are embraced by charming harbours, they are also home to a wide variety of fabulous marine life. Dolphins and white sharks, amongst other amazing species, live undersea whilst loggerhead turtles and monk seals bask on the coastlines of Turkey and Greece. Enjoy a Greek sailing adventure and explore more of the country’s hidden treasures. Stopping at enchanting cities and towns that line the coast, a Mediterranean sailing adventure allows you to taste the colourful flavours of each individual location. Browse our Mediterranean holidays and begin planning an extraordinary journey amongst breathtaking scenery.