Icelandic Adventure Holidays

The Icelandic countryside is so strikingly beautiful that many holidaymakers visit the country year upon year. Follow in the footsteps of the formidable Vikings and explore this wondrous island on our tempting selection of Icelandic adventure holidays. The country is mountainous, volcanic, glacial and scenic all at the same time, which is why this unique landscape lends itself to so many exciting outdoor pursuits. Activity tours in Iceland may include white water rafting down glacial rivers, quad biking across lava fields on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), walking on glaciers and exploring crevasses and worm holes, and even going out to sea on a boat trip to witness the magnificent whales that inhabit these parts. For those who want to take things at a gentler pace and really absorb the beauty of their surroundings, there are countless routes for hiking to suit all abilities. Horse riding is also a popular pursuit in Iceland and it is a fantastic way to explore some of the terrain. No experience is necessary for any of the activities on Icelandic adventure holidays and equipment and training is provided by expert guides.


Iceland: The Viking Challenge - Iceland Activity Holiday
Iceland: The Viking Challenge - Iceland Activity Holiday - 7 days

Thrill seekers; this one’s for you!

Forget lazing around on beaches, this is one holiday that will really take your breath away! Get your adrenaline pumping on this Iceland activity holiday which ...

Iceland: The Viking Family Activity Holiday
Iceland: The Viking Family Activity Holiday - 8 days

Awesome adventures for the family

This incredible adventure holiday is perfect for families with children over the age of six who enjoy the great outdoors. The Viking family activity holiday a ...

Iceland: Whale Watching and Scenic Iceland
Iceland: Whale Watching and Scenic Iceland - 4 days

Search for orca and minke whales

Experience the spirit of Iceland as you are introduced to the country’s most beautiful and fascinating highlights. This extraordinary whale watching adventure ...

Iceland: A Taste of Scenic Iceland
Iceland: A Taste of Scenic Iceland - 4 days

Discover the dramatic ‘Land of Fire and Ice’

Iceland is one of the most extraordinary countries in Europe and one of the least densely populated, making it a spectacular country to visit. Affectionately ...

Iceland: Mountain Highlights
Iceland: Mountain Highlights - 12 days

Witness Iceland’s dramatic landscape

Iceland is a fabulous concoction of diverse natural wonders, which is one of the reasons why it has become a popular destination for those wanting a unique ...

Iceland: Self Drive Holiday in Iceland
Iceland: Self Drive Holiday in Iceland - 8 days

Uncover hidden gems on a tour of Iceland

Independence is the key aspect of fly drive holidays. Forget stringent itineraries, organised tours and limited time in each place – our self drive holiday in ...

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Not only is there a new and exciting venture to try on each day of our summer vacations in Iceland, there are also some incredible sights to be seen. On Icelandic adventure holidays you can visit the astonishing Blue Lagoon and swim outdoors in its geothermally heated, mineral rich waters. Watch the famous Strokkur Geysir explode, shooting hot water from the ground high up into the air. Be taken aback by the sheer volume of water that plunges over the cliff at the Gullfoss Waterfall, and see the Great Atlantic Rift that demonstrates how this country is slowly being pulled apart by volcanic activity. It is easy to see why our summer Icelandic adventure holidays are persistently popular.