Finland Summer activity holidays

Not usually found on a top ten list of holiday destinations, Finland remains truly unspoiled by tourism and presents an ideal location to relax, unwind and become at one with nature. Finland summer activity holidays offer a plethora of new experiences and challenges, as well as the chance to improve on existing outdoor skills. Try something adventurous and go mountain biking, rock climbing, rafting, yachting or kayaking. Some fantastic hiking experiences are also available on our Finland summer adventure vacations, bringing you closer to some of the country’s native wildlife such as elk, reindeer, wolves and of course the magnificent brown bear that is often spotted around these parts. Savour the serenity of the sweet smelling pine forests as you walk past mirror-surfaced lakes, the silence only being broken by melodious birdsong and the wind in the trees. With 35 national parks containing little other than fells, forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife, Finnish summer activity holidays truly are remarkable.


Finland: Summer in Finland
Finland: Summer in Finland - 8 days

An exciting summer adventure for all the family

The fresh clean air, the long sunny days, the delicious smell of spruce forests and the sound of harmonious birdsong; this is what makes summer in Finland so ...

Finland: Wild Taiga Fly and Drive
Finland: Wild Taiga Fly and Drive - 8 days

Witness magnificent brown bears

The Taiga forest lies on the eastern border of Finland and is home to a variety of spectacular endangered animals such as the brown bear, moose, reindeer and ...

Finland: UNESCO Baltic Capitals Tour
Finland: UNESCO Baltic Capitals Tour - 7 days

Discover four remarkable Baltic capitals

As you sail along picturesque coastlines to each of these remarkable Baltic capital cities, you will witness an array of diverse scenery. Inhale the pure, fresh ...

Finland: Metsäkartano Active Family Escape
Finland: Metsäkartano Active Family Escape - 6 days

Escape to beautiful Metsäkartano

Set amid the extraordinary Finnish Lakeland region, Metsäkartano is a wonderful sanctuary for those wanting to appreciate nature on an outdoor activity holiday ...

Finland: Finnish Summer Family Holiday
Finland: Finnish Summer Family Holiday - 6 days

A home from home in pristine wilderness

Take some time out and spend a week in the pretty region of Finnish Lapland. Staying at the family-run Harriniva Holiday Centre, begin your Finland summer ...

Finland: Family Summer Adventure at Hotel Kalevala
Finland: Family Summer Adventure at Hotel Kalevala - 6 days

Discover the spirit of Finland

Finland has so much to offer – history, culture and spectacular scenery. Journey to the Wild Taiga for an unforgettable family summer adventure. The duration of ...

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A quarter of Finland lies within the Arctic Circle so depending on your location within the country, you may get the rare opportunity to witness the eerie phenomenon of the Midnight Sun. At the northernmost point of the country, the sun does not set for an astonishing 73 consecutive days during the summer months which many find to be an exciting and unique experience. On summer activity holidays you will also get the chance to learn about Finnish culture and traditions as well as their way of life in these often harsh climates. Finland summer family vacations are for people of all ages and abilities and experience is not a requirement for any of the activities as prior tuition is provided by the expert guides who accompany you on all of the outdoor pursuits. What better way to enjoy time with all the family than on a summer activity holiday in the Lakeland region of Metsäkartano or if you prefer, enjoy an exciting bear watching holiday in Kalevala? Browse summer activity holidays in Finland.