Africa Holiday Destinations

This vast continent is one of the most inspiring places to visit in the world. Intoxicating aromas fill the air, a vivid spectrum of colours paints the scenery and the unspoiled natural parks that are home to terrific wildlife, know no bounds. There are so many exceptional Africa holiday destinations to choose from, we have decided to put together some of our favourite places with itineraries that will really excite you.

For a truly unforgettable adventure, nothing will get your heart racing more than an Africa safari but if you prefer something with a little more culture and history, Egypt is one of the most fascinating Africa holiday destinations. On each of our holidays you can enjoy excursions to iconic sights and there are optional activities for the more adventurous traveller to take part in. No matter how you want to spend your time in Africa, we can tailor the tours to suit you. Take a look at some of the sensational itineraries that are available below and choose which Africa holiday destinations you want to visit.

Egypt: Exotic Dahab Holiday
Egypt: Exotic Dahab Holiday - 8 days

Enjoy an authentic Egyptian experience

This exotic city exudes charm and charisma, and a Dahab holiday gives you a more authentic taste of Egypt. With fabulous golden beaches, calm turquoise water ...

Egypt: Egypt Nile Cruise Holiday
Egypt: Egypt Nile Cruise Holiday - 8 days

Be amazed at Egypt’s many historical treasures

For spectacular sightseeing, awe-inspiring tours, fascinating culture and captivating stories of the ancient Egyptians, you cannot beat an Egypt Nile cruise ...

South Africa: Wildlife Safari and South Africa Highlights
South Africa: Wildlife Safari and South Africa Highlights - 9 days

Sail along the Zambezi River at dusk

There is so much to see and experience in this extensive country. This all-encompassing tour takes you to iconic highlights such as Cape Town, Kruger National ...

Egypt: Egypt Cruise with Stay in Luxor
Egypt: Egypt Cruise with Stay in Luxor - 15 days

Experience the ancient world of Egypt

Why make the choice between a Nile cruise and a city break when you can have both? Our popular Egypt cruise and stay holidays give you the chance to see many ...

Tanzania: Tanzania African Safari
Tanzania: Tanzania African Safari - 8 days

Exciting game drives in Africa’s national parks

As the sun sets over some of the most epic national parks in Africa, a night game drive takes you on the most thrilling adventure of your life. Experience the ...

South Africa: Kruger Park Safari
South Africa: Kruger Park Safari - 8 days

Explore Kruger National Park on foot

There is nothing more exciting or dramatic than a walking safari through Africa’s remarkable national parks. Discover the wild animals and nature that exists in ...

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Why Choose Africa Holiday Destinations? Few other destinations are as diverse, rich in culture, full of adventure and stunningly beautiful as Africa, which is why we want to make sure you get the most out of your holiday.

On safari, go in search of native wild animals in Tanzania, Botswana or Zimbabwe and discover how it feels to come face to face with a pride of lions. Follow in the tracks of the Big Five on a Kruger Park walking safari and stay in traditional lodges that let you taste the authentic culture of Africa. The rugged beauty and tranquility of ourAfrica holiday destinations contrasts against the modern urbanity and historic charm of bustling cities. On safaris in Zimbabwe, witness the dramatic Victoria Falls as it gushes down lush cliff faces.

Africa holiday destinations are a pure paradise for nature lovers as the country is brimming with remarkable wildlife such as giraffes, leopards, wildebeests and rhinos. There is nothing more exhilarating and humbling than witnessing these animals in the wild. For the ultimate African holiday, look through our selection of tours and start preparing for your next big adventure. If you require any further information regarding any of our Africa holiday destinations, speak to one of our travel advisors.